Is WasteNott open again?

From Monday we are starting an email and phone service, with click and collect and from 26th June we hope to open the shop with procedures in place to ensure the safety of both customers and staff.
 How will it work?


Just bring your containers in and fill them up with what you want.

Weigh your containers first with lids on and mark the weight with a pencil  provided.

When you are ready, take to till and they will then take off the weight of the  container, weigh it and you will see the price on the till.

 What if I don't have containers?


We will have plenty of containers - jars, bottles and paper bags, you can  buy. So don't worry if you haven't got them with you when you come in.

 Is there anything I need to be careful about?


It is your responsibility to make sure your containers are clean and dry, so  make sure they are spotless and well dried before putting lids back on. Also don't use any food containers for non food items e.g. juice bottle for  washing up liquid, that is to avoid any nasty accidents. Label up what is in each container. Pens will be there to help

 What can I do now?


Save all your containers that normally go in the recycling. - glass jars and  bottles, plastic tubs and bottles, cleaning liquid bottles, toiletry containers.  Wash them out and make sure they are dry. They will be ready to bring in to  reuse.

 Can I volunteer at WasteNott?

There is a process to be followed which is to complete and application form, to have an interview and then to undertake an online NVQ level 2 course on Health and Hygiene in retail.  Everybody who works in the shop is required to have this qualification which is paid for by Waste Nott.